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our studio!

We help our clients to realize the full potential of their space.

We believe that the design should be both timeless and meaningful, where each detail reflects a sense of quality and performance.

As multidisciplinary architects and designers, we consider the synthesis of aesthetics and function to be at the heart of our work.

We collaborate closely with other experts in our field, including brand and graphic designers, photographers, artists, and associates from other professions.

Make It Simple, an architecture studio specializing in innovative solutions for its clients in the public and private sectors was founded in Vienna by Dipl.-Ing. Branko Jovović.

Our studio’s unique blend of contemporary architecture and classic design is balanced with exceptional attention to detail and an appreciation for the context of the space.

Every project is unique and requires a different strategy, which leads to the creation of highly functional spaces that are in line with the specific needs of our clients. 




(2b) About

“One of the most important things to an architect is the flow of their work. We want to be able to create something that flows and is easy on the eyes while also being functional and efficient. This is why architects are so interested in music: it’s all about the rhythm and flow, a basic touch and texture, and crafting a space that is harmonious and pleasing to all our senses .”

make it simple arhitecture design studio vienna austria general condition
make it simple arhitecture design studio vienna austria general condition branko jovovic

Dipl.-Ing. Branko Jovovic is a Vienna-based architect and the founder of Make It Simple | Architecture + Design Studio. With over ten years of experience, Branko has designed a variety of structures, ranging from small-scale residential to larger commercial projects.

While studying at the prestigious University Politecnico di Milano in Italy, he developed a deep knowledge of engineering and design that served him well throughout his career.

Branko has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, with a fast-growing list of international projects in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This experience allowed him to work in diverse countries and cultures, giving him a broad understanding of different business practices, customer expectations, and the cultural implications that can affect customer satisfaction.

As a child, he attended a piano music school where he was exposed to classical compositions, which lead him to better understand the symmetry and harmony between sounds and how they could be translated into art.

Music has been a source of inspiration for him ever since, and it heavily influenced his architectural style. 

Music is composed by the architect. This means that architects are inspired by music and vice versa. This symbiotic relationship between music and architecture is essential to the creative process.

(3) What do we
actually do?

At Make It Simple, we strive to make our designs timeless and accessible.

We’re not just designers—we’re problem solvers. When you come to us with an idea or a need, we’ll work with you to turn it into something real and tangible. We take pride in our ability to think outside the box and create unique solutions that make our client’s projects stand out from the rest.

Our approach to design is to make it simple while paying attention to every last detail. We believe that great design doesn’t need to be complicated. The beauty is in simplicity!

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from local startups to multinational companies. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful design that works for them, and that is why we make every effort to create designs that are both brilliant and simple.
We believe that everything should be simple, honest, straightforward, and executed well.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help with your next project.





Design starting point:

Each project starts with an initial consultation to better understand the space and the demands of the customer. A custom-made design fee is created based on the scope of work and working process. Our design studio believes in delivering consumers the most value for their money and tailoring services to each individual’s demands. We also provide discounts to NGOs and our loyal consumers.

Walkthrough design

The color scheme or mood board is important to the overall design, and a balanced palette of colors and materials is created to fit the client’s style. During the process, regular contact with the customer is crucial. With approved drawings and a budget, the design team may go on with developing a project that fits the demands of the customer.

The final design phase:

Comprehensive drawings will be created and utilized to construct a 3D model of a project for better visualization and experience. This stage is critical for meeting customer expectations and addressing any difficulties. The design team refines the layout and pays close attention to the tiniest details in preparation for implementation into the overall plan.

One-stop shop for all design needs.

Preparing and presenting feasibility and design proposals.

Producing detailed drawings and specifications.

Controlling a project from start to finish.

Regular site visits to ensure project success.



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